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By the end of July, I was pretty much spent creatively.  I wanted to take a break and I needed a diversion . What better way to do it then do African World Festival? I set up for the weekend and did some on-the-spot portraits. I was able to work with Ammar, a fellow artist and muralist  and, later, with Tia, a young, beautiful  sista  who just happens to be an immensely talented artist.  See AFRICA WORLD FESTIVAL

African World Festival proved to be both fun and challenging -- the world of on-the-spot artistry can be as grueling as any professional sport. Drawing face after face all day can be exhausting. But it's also the kind of training you can't get anywhere else.

After the break, it was back to the mural. I started fine-tooling the first part and adding some text. I go with Broadway typeface to represent Harlem, circa 1925. I also started to anticipate the two lighted indents in my wall space. In these areas, I will showcase some people and their figures, with my portraiture skills freshly honed at the festival over the weekend.


Day 6: Borders and W. E. B. Dubois was added.
Day 7: Writers Zora Neale Hurston and Countee Cullen added.
Day 8: First panel finished; Marcus Garvey (right) and a profile of Langston Hughes frame portraits of Dubois, Hurston and Cullen.

I concentrated on finishing, in at least a preliminary stage, the first part of the mural. I added some cool lighting affects in the clouds directly over the ghost faces to make them pop out and seem more three dimensional. The first stage is a little design heavy  but, in the middle part, I decided to let it flow more. This area is a popular spot with bench seats and a clear view of the cafeteria. Basically, I wanted to keep basically the same color palette, yet make it jump out with a little more color and more a contemporary style. 

With my student and protégée Tyrone seemingly also on a break, or enjoying the rest of his summer,  I called in a favor from a fellow artist buddy, Daryl Harris.  Well, the favor was more like, "Dude I got a hundred bucks if you would prime these walls and give me a little jumpstart." The deadline to school starting was at the end of August, and we were already a week into the month. I needed an experienced painter to help me  prime the next walls for the mural. Like Ammar,  Daryl is an exceptional artist and one of the best African American painters I know.  We have a good time fellowshipping about art and talking about the things artists talk about.  

With the priming done, I was looking at keeping the same brown and gold vibe, but I kept seeing this lime green in there. So I added it, and it seemed to amplify the yellows  and browns. I thought to myself, "That looks cool but I might need to soften the effect a little later." ...